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    We will give you a three-hour delivery window of when we will arrive. This would be determined by where you are positioned in the route. Additionally, we will call ahead when we are en route to your house (generally with a five to ten minute notice).

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    What flavor and how many?

    Note: Margarita Adventures recommends one mix for every 12-15 frozen drink-consuming guests. Go ahead and buy extra mixes just in case because Margarita Adventures will buy back all unopened mixes.

    Original Margarita

    Strawberry Margarita

    Strawberry Daiquiri


    Peach Bellini

    Pina Colada

    Kids - Strawberry

    Kids - Lemonade

    Kids - Fruit Punch

    Kids - Coconut

    Kids - Peach

    Kids - Lemon Lime

    Cups, Straws & Salt

    Each frozen drink machine rental comes with 50 cups, salt, and straws. We have additional 50-count sets of cups and straws available for $10 per set.

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